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Price Planning Domain Partitions

Example #1: The Price Planning domain partition

Price Planning includes three use cases: Update PriceTier, Update Discount, and Update PricePlan.

Update PriceTier creates and maintains PriceTier objects.

Update Discount creates and maintains Discount objects.

Update PricePlan creates and maintains PricePlan objects.

No other objects are required in order to establish and maintain a PricePlan, so there are no additional referenced objects. The complete subsystem definition looks something like this.

Example #2: The Show Pricing domain partition

Identify the classes that the Price Show use case references. To do so you would typically read the use case narrative. The first step in pricing a show is to select a show to price. I'll use gray shading to indicate that the class belongs to another partition but is being referenced here.

UML Distilled
The next step is to select the PricePlan to use for the Show.

Create the link between the Show and the PricePlan.

Once you have the Show and the PricePlan, you must select a set of ShowSeats to price.

Select the PriceTier to assign to the selected ShowSeats.

Create the links between the PriceTier and each of the selected ShowSeat objects.

The completed package definition would include the use case and the participating classes.