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Use case Partitioning

Use Case Partitioning
Use Case Partitioning


Partitioning is used to organize conceptual areas within the same layer. In the case of the InfrastructureLibrary, fine-grained partitioning is used to provide the flexibility required by current and future metamodeling standards. In the case of the UML metamodel, the partitioning is coarser-grained in order to increase the cohesion within packages and loosening the coupling across packages.

Model Management package

Model Management refers to the means to model the organization of modeling artifacts. Artifacts may be organized along very general lines such as project phases, application incremental builds, subject matter, and utility versus business models, using packages. Packages may also be specialized to represent more refined views. For example, artifacts may be organized to represent the partitioning of a system into subsystems at any number of levels. Finally, the artifacts may represent a physical system such as a billing or receiving system. Views of the physical system are called models.