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Partition the course project domain - Exercise

Partition the course project domain

Objective: Choose and diagram an architecture for two of the domain partitions.

Exercise scoring

Full credit is 10 points. You will receive the following points:
  1. 2 points for selecting a two-tier architecture for ShowManagement
  2. 3 points for a correct deployment diagram for ShowManagement
  3. 2 points for selecting a four tier architecture
  4. 3 points for a correct deployment diagram.


You will decide on an architecture for each of two domain partitions, the Show Management and the Sales domain partitions.
Here are the steps you will follow to complete this exercise:
  1. Examine the domain partitions provided. Consider the type of functionality and the users who will require access. The partition descriptions are provided below to help you understand how the partitions will be used.
  2. Select an architectural approach best suited for each and draw the architectural partitions. Note: You will draw two different diagrams.
  3. Once the partitioning is completed, draw a deployment diagram for each architecture to illustrate how you believe the application should be supported. You do not have to label the connections between the nodes.

Show management

Show management is a function performed only by the Event Planner. The Event Planner is the only person with the authority to make any changes to show schedules. The Event Planner works at the facility in the back office. The shows are scheduled and then saved in the database for access by other applications.


The sales subsystem is available to customers over the Internet. They log onto our Web page and request a user ID and password.
Once they have access they can get into the application, view upcoming events, select seats, review the prices, and purchase tickets.
The seating chart is fairly complex, so we are concerned about performance, especially the download time.

Submitting your exercise

To submit the exercise, follow the steps below:

Step 2

In the text area below, type in what you think the solution should be. When you are ready to submit the exercise, click the Submit button. This will alert the system that you have emailed your exercise submission.