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Lesson 3 System Object Course Expectations
ObjectiveExplore key Course Features

System Object Course Expectations

Quizzes and Exercises

This course uses a number of interactive features to help you learn the material. Throughout the course, you will find multiple-choice quizzes and hands-on exercises. These learning checks will allow you to assess what you have learned and, if necessary, what to go back and review.

MouseOver ToolTip

The above example is a mouseover tooltip
The above example is a mouseover tooltip

Whenever you see this graphic within the course, a diagram that explains or dissects some element of a diagram, screenshot, or other graphic will follow. Move your mouse cursor over the parts of the image outlined in red to display mouse over explanations.
The SlideShow widget presents a series of images that you can flip through, either forward or backward. The SlideShow widget has been replaced with the AMP Carousel.

Course Glossary

Many of the terms used in the course are defined in a glossary. The terms appear italicized in the lesson text. You can visit the glossary by going to this page now.
System Design - Glossary